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So I enjoyed my Sunday morning for about 20 minutes---what a great idea I thought! To go for a walk en la playa(on the beach) before the sand gets too hot! I will take my camera(waterproof) and my iPhone(not waterproof) and some quetzales in case I see a coffee shop....you can see where this is going....right?!?! I walked close to the water(be reminded the undertow here is VERY strong)for the obligatory photo of my foot in the sand/water/waves...the next thing I know I am pulled off my feet and dosed with water! I thought oh my god this is fun!!!....until I remembered my iPhone!

I quickly ran out of the water, back to my room, dried it off and hoped it would be okay...the camera light starts flashing and I'm thinking it is going to die! The phone is fine!(more about that later)-the camera is kaput- for now(fingers crossed) 2 people said put it in a bag of rice, so off the the store I went, stuck my phone in rice and hopefully the rice will absorb the moisture so further damage won't occur, but the water is one thing, the salt water another!

I spent the rest of the day enjoying the beach, the sun and the cervezas and food and got ready to head for home! I waited where I was told to wait, however the driver did not have my name on the list for passengers! I used my cell phone to call the emergency number and got a lady who spoke little English, so a Spanish speaking man talked to her. He said it was coming---5 minute conversation to say "it's coming" I waited and I called again(getting panicky now, she said, "the driver is coming in 10 minutes!" So while 2 vans wait for me to hear what is happening, the driver is on his phone. I'm now on the phone and talking to the same person the driver is and he still does not understand that I am suppose to be in the van....needless to say it all got worked out as I got in the van and he closed the door! I arrived home safely!

Today started my second week in school! I feel more confident about my skills. This afternoon a few students are off on another camioneta ride(chicken bus) to Pasora, a small town known for it's leather goods(shoes, bags etc)-supposedly a pair of handmade shoes are like $40-50 US!

So I may be walking proud in my new boots, starving for food mind you... but walking proud~!

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