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Cool painting at Zephyr

Semuc Champey

Truck ride to Semuc Champey


Hut where I stayed

View from back of the Zephyr

River below the Zephyr


Bartender in the mask

Zephyr Lodge

Zephyr Lodge

My bed for 3 nights.Top one on left




Rope swing

Look Mom no hands!

Lunch Ladies

Semuc Champey

Group photo from top of mountain

View of pools below.The waterfall to the lower right is where I...

Steps going up or down the mountain.There weren't many

River near pools




More pools

Zephyr Lodge


My new sworn enemy

Barking dog that keep me up all night,with the chickens


Well after about 3 weeks in San Pedro it was time to say goodbye.I was actually supposed to say goodbye about 3 days ago but my arm was twisted to stay a few days longer,but today was my day to go.San Pedro is a fun place to be.There’s a little something for everyone,but the nightlife here will take it’s toll on you after a few weeks.The food is great,the booze is cheap,and the place is full of great people,so it was hard to say goodbye.

After my last late night I had an 8:30am bus to catch for my 14 hour journey to Semuc Champey.I was to take a shuttle which holds about 12 passengers to Antigua where we had a 2 hour wait to take another shuttle for our 8 hour trip to Lanquin.Of course the bus was full,so you “try” to get comfortable and make the best of the journey.The first leg of the journey wasn’t much fun because instead of arm twisting it was shot pounding with some of my new friends I had met while I was in San Pedro.After about 4 hours we arrived in Antigua for our 2 hour wait so I decided to head to a bagel store I had been to a few weeks earlier for some lunch.After lunch I walk around town for a little bit and then headed back to catch the shuttle Lanquin.

Instead of winging things like I was when I first got here I had done a little research and found a place called the Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin.Now I’ll save you the details of my 9 hour journey to the Zephyr Lodge but when we arrived at 11pm I was glad I was there.Half the reason it takes so long to get places is because of the roads you have to travel,but when you see the mountains here it amazing they’re able to build some of these places at all.Out of the 12 people on the bus half of us got off at the Zephyr and it was a good thing cause I got the last bed.My other 2 options would have been 1 of the 4 hammocks or a tent that leaks when it rains.The bed I got was in a dorm style setting,something I don’t do.I prefer to have my own room and bath but I did not have that option this time.After a quick drink and a hot shower I was off to bed to get some rest for my long day ahead at Semuc Champey.

After breakfast we had a 45 minute ride in the back of a truck down the worst road I think I have ever traveled for a day full of cave exploring,rope swinging,bridge and waterfall jumping and some hiking through some very steep and slippery trails.I wish I was able to get some pictures of the cave exploring but since my camera is not water proof I did not want to chance ruining it.I think I will try and find some on the internet so you can get an idea of what I saw.After about 2 hours of cave exploring it was off to the rope swing for a splash in the river.I decided to be the guina pig for the rope swing since noone wanted to step up and go first.Any time you’re the first to do something you don’t know what to expect so after I landed I wish I had seen a few people go first.The main problem was you don’t know when to let go,you have to wait until you here jump and then it is time to let go.So needless to say I didn’t exactly stick my landing and when I came up I felt I would soon be needing a neck adjustment.After I swam back to shore I watched the rest of the group go and I wasn’t the only one who didn’t stick the landing so I didn’t feel so bad after that.Next we were off to see some of the pools and hike up this mountain to get a birds eye view of the pools below.But on our way, there was a small bridge we had to cross which we could jump off of.Well it was my turn to go first again so after our guide told me where to land it was 3,2,1 jump.After a few chicken shits were forced to jump we were off to have lunch.We had some steak and chicken and all sorts of fixins made by some local women.I had some steak and it was really good.We had a 45 minute hike up some of the steepest hills I have ever climbed,but we had to wait a few until the rain stopped.The rain didn’t last very long so we were soon off.The hike up the mountain was quite hard but the payoff was well worth it as you can see from my pics.After a quick group picture we were ready for the decent down to some pools below.The hike down I think took longer only because the rocks were so slippery from the rain.By the time we reached the pools the sun was back out and it was time for a well deserved swim.The actual river runs underneath the pools through some caves but the pools are filled from water coming out of the surrounding mountains.It was very relaxing and we were able to slide down the rocks from pool to pool until we came to a waterfall.Our guide told us the a lot of people used to jump from it,but there used to be a rope to help you get back up.Now you can still jump from it but the climb back up can be rather difficult.At this point I didn’t have much interest in jumping cause you really couldn’t see over the edge and I wasn’t the only one.Well the next thing you know our guide Marco is making is way down and the next thing I know he is over the edge.Since I was first to go the last two times everyone figured why should this time be different.I wanted to wait for Marco to get back so he could show me where I needed to land.We made our way down to the edge and he could only kinda of point where I needed to jump because you could not see over the ledge.After a quick thought of what the hell am I about to do I took a quick leap of faith over the edge.The worst part was climbing back up cause the rock was pretty steep and slippery but I made it back safe and sound to a bunch of high 5’s.There was only one more taker after me and after that it was a short hike back to the truck for our ride back to Zephyr.I wasn’t able to get any pictures from the other side of the waterfall cause of how it was located.I hope my pictures do this place justice cause it is a real pretty place.

The rest of the evening was full of story telling,beer drinking,a great bbq.Then when I went to bed the night was full of dogs barking and roosters crowing.I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that.

As I type this some of us are waiting for the sun to come out for a 2 hour tube ride down the river.Come on sun.Tomorrow I’m headed to Tikal with a group of people I met here.It’s about an 8 hour ride to Flores and I hear its slow going cause of the rough roads and speed bumps through all the towns.Can’t wait!

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