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engine, passenger car, commissary car

entertainment car, caboose - dining car is between commissary and entertainment car

view from the Rear!

This small town is the beginning of a slow train ride for about 8.5 miles north to Cooperstown and back. The local railroad historical society sponsors/hosts regular train rides and themed rides, like train robberies, fall foliage, dinner rides, and Santa rides.

My friends Chic and Marilyn went with me on this Blues Express where a local band played in the open car and almost all the passengers stood or danced there. We ate on board first and the homemade pizza was very good! I also discovered I like Bud Light with Lime!

The ride went through the countryside and we saw farms with corn and sunflowers growing, forested areas, parts of the Susquehanna River, and lots of baseball fields at the "Field of Dreams" where youngsters play ball.

I will be going on another train ride with Linda where we will eat a dinner catered by the famous Brooks barbeque. I already ate at their restaurant in Oneonta with Pat and Judy and it was good!

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