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From Zanzibar to Dar es Salaam (not the capital city) and a few days of western privileges such as internet, cafes with lattes and air conditioned shopping malls. We meet a British woman at the cinema who is dissatisfied with everything. She scowls and complains loudly that she has lived in Tanzania for 2 years and doesn't understand how the people of Zanzibar make so much money from tourism and yet most of the island has had a power outage for about a month (except for the tourist hotels with generators) and the people on the island still live in poverty. Its definitely something to ponder on, even though i mightn't have put it quite as she did. Luckily she is in Dar to fly home to England.

After 2 days we board the 12 hour bus to Mbeya that takes 15 long hours, and allows for one 15 minute lunch break...

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