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Carfax Tower

Climbing up

360 degree view from top of Carfax Tower

Anne plans our exploration

An Oxford street from Carfax Tower

Who's he?

The church at Corpus Christi College, one of the many colleges associated...

Oriel College

The famous Bodelian Library at Radcliffe Square

All the buildings are so classic


This has a genuine college town look

Our B&B - The Burlington House

Sunday, September 13

We left London on the Heathrow Express train - not to catch a plane, but to rent a car for the rest of the journey. We rented a VW (after the first car, a Mercedes, was not working properly). at Heathrow Airport and after only getting lost twice and beeped at once (crazy American drivers who don't know how to drive on the left), arrived at Oxford and the Burlington House B&B around 3PM. We drove into town (and around and around to find a parking spot). We first climbed Carfax Tower (99 or so steps) to get a commanding view of the surroundings and "The City of Dreaming Spires". We found many of the colleges closed to visitors as it was late in the afternoon - but we did get into one quad for a peek. All the buildings are all very old and have that "Oxford" look. After walking four an hour and a half, we drove back to our B&B and WALKED again to dinner. We ate a good Italian restaurant and walked back, full and exhausted.

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