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We decided to go to the beach resort Hua Hin which was mediocre it was redicuously expensive considering it wasn't that nice. We only stayed for one night and chilled on the beach during the day because there wasn't anything else to do. I was still feeling ill which didn't help.

We left the next day for Chumphon, we had to go there just to get our connecting bus to Khoa Lak. Our train was fasionably late and took twice the time that the people at the ticket desk told us. It was the most horrific journey ever i felt like i was going to die (not exaggerating) and nick was really worried about me and the fact that there were no train officers so we had no idea were to get off the bloody train.

We eventually arrived in chumphon at 1.30am and were really lucky to find somewhere to stay, i thought that we were going to have to sleep on a bench!

We stayed two nights here but i didn't go out of the room, nick reported back to me and said that there wasn't much to see so that made me feel better. We left for Khoa Lak the next day.

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