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O61108 - We spent the night in a tent inside the shelter. This was the easiest way to ensure that we were sleeping on a relatively clean and dry surface. I had a hard time getting up in the morning so Neil grabbed a 2-way radio and walked to the fishing spot where he had the encounter with the giant child-eating stingray. Keane later woke and joined him. They fished for approximately two hours which gave me the time to wake up and get the campsite in order.

Of course they returned at lunch time when they were ready to eat. I prepared a meal that made them grimace. Neil returned with a rather large crab that he caught with a piece of rotten squid. I was cooking up a batch of WBRS (Weird Bean and Rice Soup). I asked Neil to toss the crab in the soup for flavor. Before I could get the word “rinse” out of my mouth, the sand covered creature was in the pot. I told them that a little grit was good for the immune system. I later tossed in a three eggs to soft boil. The kids tried to smile as they ate the gritty WBRS complete with slimy eggs. They both had queasy stomachs after, but recovered in a few hours.

We then went to the ocean side of the park and the kids were thrown off by the murky water. Once they jumped in and realized how warm it was, I could not get them out. They were fishing for salt water trout. Keane hooked a large fish which quickly snapped his line so I re-lined the reel with 20 lb test. Between repairing snags and broken/lost tackle I got to cast a few. I caught a 14-inch trout and tied it on a stringer to my belt. As I continued to fish I looked down and realized that the fish was gone. The kids laughed. I explained to them that I had tied a bow not because I wanted to be ready to rapidly release the fish in the event that a shark or something else came in and grabbed the fish. Apparently I caught the knot while I was fishing. They were disappointed that we did not have fish. I was OK with the outcome because I did not have to clean one……

We returned to camp and I cooked a great pot of curry pinto beans and rice. The kids enjoyed this one and we had some great conversations by the fire looking at the stars. We went to bed in preparation for our next drive.

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