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Hello there!Just a quickie today! Tis sarah

WE have now moved on from Malaysia, to Thailand.

We left Langkawi a little over a week ago, taking a boat across the border to Thailand. We arrived in Thailand with almost no Thai silly of us. We were fleeced by a company in the bus station who over charged us for our onward journey - they saw us comimg a mile off. Ho hum. The next day we headed onward to koh samui, which required a 6 hour 'express' 1st class bus journey - which stopped at every tiny place imaginable. The bus was rammed full of people, at least 20 people stood in the aisles, and the air con did not work. After this, we had a glorius 2 hour boat journey to Koh Samui, a beautiful Island which gets a bit if bad press. We went in with an open mind, and have been plesantly surprised. We have fortunetly found a quiet 4-km long beach called Mae Nam. It feels like light years away from soem of the more commercialised beaches on the island, which resemble Ayia Napa / Benidorm. Thankfully, Mae Nam has virtually no people on it! WE are SOOOO unsociable these days!

WE have now truly landed on our feet, and have rented our own villa for a mere 5 quid a day! It has 4 rooms, cable TV (very happy boyfriend ...sorry fiance). WE have also rented a motorbike for a week, costing 1.50 a day. Next on the list is dog-napping one of the local mutts to adopt, and then our little life in Koh Samui will be complete!

On top of that, fingers crossed we will be meeting up with my brother Ben in Bangkok on Friday. Can't wait! WE have also imposed ourselves on friends on 'da family' Abby and Griff who live in a great flat in Bangkok. So, Bangkok is looking pretty attractive right now.

We are now relaxing after booking our wedding in Italy for September next year. It has really giving us all soemthing to look forward to. I am already planning my cabbage diet to start in the new year.....

Weather is fab, tans are building, beer guts are distending,

lotsa of love to everyone,

Sarah and Chris xxx

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