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So this morning brought with it the headache you still get whether the beer is 3%, 5% or vodka... memo to self - never again (at least until next time)

To make matters worse Nikki bashed on the door bell too early wanting water as she had none left in her cooler/heater thingy.

This morning we went back to town to get Mel (bridesmaid who arrived overnights) nails done, I just sat quietly in the corner, and also Nikki had had one of her nails burnt last night and this needed fixing. Conveniently it was also the same one she had accidentally marked the day before before it was properly dry.

I am now getting good at knowing how many layers to wear and am comfortably cold, I don't think you can ever feel warm in -5oC but I don't feel like if you hit me I'd snap in half and am comfortable walking around.

We then headed to hangover heaven, KFC and I wasn't really sure what it would be like. I do think they are missing a few of the secret herbs and spices an =d the chips weren't as good at home but the nuggest and gravy met standard.

Thankfully it was then time for a nana nap and I have almost demolished the three novels I brought with me. Once they're done, its back to travel books which will be OK as thats where I am...

Oh, someting else I have forgotten to mention is that the traffic lights have countdowns on them. So you can see how many secondsthey will be red for and how long you have to go across as well. Sometimes good, but sometimes just more frustrating as you know exactly how long you have to sit and wait.

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