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Jim Thompson's house

Jim Thompson's house

The house temple. Every house in Thailand has a small house temple,...

Backside of Jim Thompson's house.

Jim Thompson was an American OSS-agent (forerunner of the CIA). His mission was to be a contact man between the allied forces and the Thai resistance groups which were fighting the Japanese army. After WW2 he stayed in Thailand and become an art collector, finally he discovered the Thai silk industry. He introduced the Thai silk to the big fashion centers, like London, Paris, Milan and New York. He created an empire of silk and became very rich. He also became a high society and a jet-set person. Jim Thompson mysteriously disappeared in Malaysia 1967. He left his hotel room for a small walk, since that no one ever seen him, Nobody knows what happened.

I can only show a few photos from Jim Thompson's house, because it was forbidden to take any photos inside the house.

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