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Abel Tasman National Park


Lunch at The Beach

Half Sunburn David

We didn't sleep very well Tuesday night. Both Lauren and I were up all night tossing and turning. We had to be at Abel Tasman National Park by 9:15 and we were told it was 1.5 hour drive. So we left at 7:15am and arrived at 8am - it was only 60km (about 37 miles) - it was cold today (60's) and Lauren was complaining (in her cute way) about the sun not being out. I being like my Dad - don't even worry about it because what can you do!

We were doing kayaking today. A total of 10 miles on the Tasman Sea. This is supposed to be one of NZ most beautiful parks. We had to take a 60 minute ferry ride to the spot we would pick up our kayaks. Lauren and I picked a nice bright orange one. It was just the 2 of us with our guide - whose name I can't pronounce (something like Shlekel- he was Dutch). After about 10 minutes of how to properly use the kayak - we were off. Lauren and I shared a double kayak. I did a lot of kayaking when I was in summer camp - but that was on a lake - not the open sea. After about 30 minutes when we realized that we still had 4 miles to go - just to get to the halfway point - I knew this wasn't going to be on. "The best things to do in New Zealand list" - we did get to see seals and a blue penguin (smallest penguins in the world).

We arrived at the beach (5 miles into the trip) and while we were getting out of the kayak - Lauren twisted her knee (only a 6 on the Welles pain scale) and was limping around for 15 minutes. After the 45 minute break - we had to go all the way back. The seas had picked up - and the tides were now high. It was a struggle to get back - but we made it and Lauren is now going to try out for the Olympics in Beijing.

We only made it back to where the boat dropped us off. So we had to take a water taxi back to the car. By this time the sea was in such a swell that the boat was actually jumping out of the air (the boat held 20) and it was the roughest boat ride either of us had ever been on (it actually was fun - we were with these Brits who couldn't stop laughing).

We got back to the shore and into the car. Lauren looked at me and said, "How did you get so sunburn?" (There was absolutely no sun) - I looked in the rear view mirror - and gasped - I had a hat on backwards the whole time - my face was as red as a lobster - but my forehead was as white as a ghost (see picture). Lauren is still laughing every time she looks at me.

We had a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant and we are turning in early for a leisure day tomorrow.

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