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Swimming in Bled lake

Bled is VERY similar to Taupo, a small town based soley around the adventure activities... and they do them all!

We chilled out here and I swam in the lake, which was .... well... lets say a refreshing 18deg.. no wonder I was the only one swimming.

All the changing sheds were locked up as the season was deemed too cold! So I got changed in the pool office. As it was still occupied I realised and demonstrated (rather how shall I say it... clumsily...) how quickly one can get changed when the situation requires.

The splash in the photo is me failing do something impressive for the camera. Sorry.

Before we went swimming, we went shopping... and Bled had this great little market filled with all sorts of curiosities... honey brandy, jewellery, pressed flowers...

Dorothy and I had stopped to peruse some earrings... and the guy behind the stall had been looking at her for a few minutes... then he said something so lovely...

He looked at her and said that his earings were beautiful like her, and that she was "Gods work"...

I must of been standing there with a funny expression because he kinda looked over at me, paused, and said... "well... you're pretty too..."... it was bizarre cause all I had been thinking was how right he was about her. Made me giggle though, and needless to say didn't rate very highly on my personal romance list.

The afternoon was spent chilling out further with our group drinking wine and beer in the sunshine of our balcony... watching the sun set before heading out to dinner. A perfect day.

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