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Plumas Eureka State Park is located high in the norhern Sierra Nevada of CA. The ark was established in 1959 and blends the history of California's gold mining period with the beauty of serenity of granite peaks and quiet mountain lakes. Our beautiful campsite was large, private and backed up to the river. We visited the gold mill and museum. It is believed $8 million worth of gold was processed from this mine. Wildlife is abundant in the area and warnings are posted about black bears and mountain lions. Annie chased chipmucks and loved it. You could almost hear her say "Too many chipmucks, too little time".

Although no electricity is available in this park, weather was quite pleasant and Del delighted in using his coleman stove to cook outside. Who am I to argue! We are doing very well in the little Casita, you just much be kind to one another.

On Wednesday evening a local resident and author presented an informative program on a black exployer, Jim Beckworth, who rose from slavery to property owner and exployer in this area. He brought immigriant parties across the passes into this area in 1840-1860 -difficult to realize the hardships they endured.

We were pleased our plans included 3 nights in this part. It's difficult to choose 2,000 miles away and 6 months in advance. Thank goodness for the Internet.

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