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Leaving Alomogordo for Silver City

View of the White Sands from the road

The White Sands shifted past the fence

Wait a Minute! 'Small Missile Range'-?

Missile range - only 1 mile away

UH-OH, now only 1/2 mile away

Fog roll in and now it is really spooky!

and, here we are at the Missile Range Headquarters!

The End - Thank Goodness

Here's our RV Park

At a rest stop from Silver City to Gila Cliff Dwellers

We are going to climb up ------ W H E R E...

I think we seriously need to rethink this!

We kept climbing, and climbing, and climbing, and.....

We were up pretty high, ready to go around the ledge

Soon we will be way-up-there

Remnants of food storage room

One of the cave dwellings

Cliff dwelling inspectors-Connie,Ron,David

Looking down into one of the rooms of the cave

" O R B S "

" O R B S " - 2

Looking out from cave opening

David and cave room detail

Ron went down ladder to lower level-David thought he was nuts....

No, I'm not going down the ladder-no, really-but, thanks for asking-

Ron,Ray,Randa,Connie-resting before the descent

We were UP THERE - !!!

The Gila River

The Kneeling Nun outcropping

There have been a lot of 'incidents' and recording of our time in Silver City has been delayed - sorry. But, thank you to Mike Heck, we went to Silver City - and we LOVED it - we stayed a week - so, yes, it was wonderful!

We stayed at Silver City RV Park, downtown Silver City, NM. Convenient to everything! We all think it was the best stop so far! We took a day to go with Ron's niece and her husband (who acted as our guides) to the Gila Cliff Dwellers. Randa and Ray live there and were well versed on how to get there, and the history. Ray had lived there all his life. The elevation at the caves was 7,500 feet. It had a Ranger's Station and from there you were on your own - TO CLIMB UP THE MOUNTAIN. Improved but primitive trail, no water, no facilites - nothing - just a climb UP the mountain.

At least there were rest stops as we all got short of breath due to the elevation. Once we were w-a-y up there, it was more than worth the climb! We saw toe holes carved out of the rock to allow a climb straight up, homes - rooms, carved out of the rock face of the mountain, natural and carved steps, storage for food and staples, various 'rooms' off of the main living quarters. Each 'room' in the caves had the remains of the walls and roofs - there were still smut marks from the fires they built inside the caves for cooking and heating.

Old style Indian ladder you had to climb down to leave the caves, no railings on the slender walkways bside the edge of the cliffs. How did they keep the babies from toddling off the ledges and falling mucho feet below -

When I (Linda) took pictures (suprised anyone?) everything was normal - wonderful pictures, until I got to the main cave. The main living quarters was very expansive and interesting. The picture I took first was Ray, Ron's nephew, explaining how the indians lived. Nothing unusual. I then took a picture of the interior of the large interior living space. The next picture was also normal in every way.

When I downloaded the pictures into the computer, there were Orbs in the middle picture of the cave main room interior. I tried to redo the picture, the Orbs remained. The Orbs were large and small - the adult cliff dwellers, and the child cliff dwellers. Quite an experience for me -

Kyle, our son, has also gotten a picture of Orbs a year or so ago. His had the same 'normality' of the before and after pictures were 'normal', yet the Orb picture remained.

On the way down the mountain, we saw the rock outcropping of the Kneeling Nun. It does look as if a nun is kneeling - out on the rock.

Returned to town and went to an authentic Mexican restaurant for dinner with Ron, Connie, Randa and Ray. They (Randa and Ray) told us about their ranch in Arizona - 50 to 60 miles away. It was very interesting.

David really, really wanted to go to go to an "authentic" Ghost Town. We learned they are only open one Sunday a month until "season", so we did not get to go through one...however, how "authentic" could the town have been? The last I communed with the 'spirits', they didn't keep "office hours".

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