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Brisbane is overrated.... knew that before got there. Had heard that it was nothing special and to stay for a short time as could if on a time restraint like myself. However, I had reasons to stick about for which meant 3 nights was perfect. First night was a reunion from Sydney days as Jay, Mike and Cory had somehow managed to drive themselves to Brisbane although Jay was a little more scarred than he would have hoped from the trip. We went out... we drank.... we danced.... we did wot we used to do back "home" in Sydney. Great time had by all! Second night was possibly even better as my friends from travelling met my friends from work. Eleanor, Helen from where I worked in Northallerton were heading north with a couple of other friends and this was the one night of crossover. So..... we went out..... we drank..... we danced...... I don't think Steve could believe his luck as him and I escorted 4 girls around town. 3rd night Sam and Alex from Uni came to town and so Steve and I, almost on our knees by now, along with Steph and the guys went out.... drank..... and danced...... Seemed very strange to be with them after spending so long with them in Newcastle over last 4 years. The next day saw me leave Brisbane- kinda tired!!! and head to Byron alone :S

I said alone.... 3 nights in Byron the first of which just chilled out and a couple games of pool with a couple I knew from Fraser and then an early night. An early night in a ten man teepee with a few hippee's. Well might be my only chance to do it so figured would be a story to tell, apart from one 50 year old the rest were fairly young and full of fun. Second day saw my reunion with Caroline (Swede) who had arrived on surf camp. Spent the next 2 day times with her and friends chillin on beach ensuring got as burnt as possible as could be last proper sun for a while as head South. The second night was Alex (from Uni) birthday night out as they arrived earlier that day. So we went out and did what we did best. This time I went out with all their friends and loved hearing the unedited version of what they had all got upto in Asia. Sitting on the beach in Byron was great and very relaxing- and the town was equally as fun. Small and just what u would expect from a surfer town. Very impressed and could take over as fave place so far. Now back "home" in Bondi for one night before shoot off to Melbourne 2moro night. Staying with Adam Hooper and family who went to Yarm about 7 years ago- feel we are due a catch up!

Bye Bye's...... well the hardest thing about travelling is definately saying bye to those you have spent the most time with. said Bye to so many people in last few days. Jay and Mike who I will definately see back home. Teesside Dave who may never go home so could never see him again. Also Cory from Canada who I would love to go visit but who know's. Luke from Wales may see at some point. Steve- ok ok so he's from Sunderland but he's a really good mate now and although our livers will be happy if don't meet again I certainly won't be: he may be home in 4 years! Sam and Alex from uni who will see but not til September wen they return to blighty. Caroline who I may see in Sweden (lads trip!) or London. Last but not least Steph..... well will see her briefly again in Melbourne but then not til she gets home. Bye Bye all!

On a happier note though am back at Bondi WOHOOOOOOOOOO xx

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