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Greetings from Katherine!

We've had the car for almost a week now and she's great. Our friend Tal suggested the namer Franjipani (sp?) a fragrant white flower off a beautiful tree in the tropics here. So, of course the nicknames Fran, Franny, Franj, Franj Ferdinand etc etc. She's yellow and fabulous.

Anyway, we've left Darwin and driven through Kakatu National park down to Pine Creek, in time to catch a didgeridoo fgestival. Can anyone say hippies? Hee hee. It was a great time actually and we met up with some other people we've been seeing on our travels and of course our friends Tal and Xavier. Rob competed in the Master Blaster competition on his new bassy c-sharp bad boy (that's a total of 5, if anyone's counting) and though he didn't win he was immediately approached by Charlie (forget-kast-name) aka bone man, the world renowned player who said that's Rob's solo was 'very sensitive'. This is a big compliment and Rob says 'it was award winning enough for me!". Speaking of award winning, Tal won the master blaster competition and took away $100 and a beautiful yidaki didge. Yay!

Tonight we'll camp in Katherine gorge area and then either spemnd the day hiking or hit the road toward Western Australia. We will hit up at least one more Northern Territory National Park before WA, but as soon as we cross the border we may just buy a pass for all WA parks.

I just want to mention that even though I'm typing Rob is here also dictating and such, in case it seems like it's always me typing!

Parent's note: we have shipped didges off to you gus from our didgemaking day (and other days, if you are Rob) so please watcht the mail for us. Let us know if there's an import tax and keep track and we'll pay you back of course. Marianne's parents can also expect a big box of random stuff we aren't using just now. If you want to open it, please have a lok at the books we bought and see if my bowl is still in ome piece! :-) It's sea mail so we may be back before you even see it! heh.

Goota go guys, I hope the sun is shining for all of you as well. Congratulations on your new job Kamerine!!! Hooray!!!!

ps: Cara wath the post for your birthday present!


marianne and rob

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