Maddren Family - Europe trip to Spain, France, Italy & England 2006 travel blog

We couldn't bare another day in Valencia, we were all so miserable holed up in our tiny little room, so we got up early, had breakfast and packed the car to leave this place 3 days early. One last final straw was that we got a 91euro parking fine for parking in a free car park outside our hotel, when we quizzed the hotel about it they said we had gotten a ticket because we were not local (the police knew because we have French number plates) - nice way to treat visitors! Once underway we spent the day travelling up the coast to Barcelona.

On arriving in Barcelona we went to the tourist office in the centre of town to find a night's accommodation but every hotel in town was full. The lady in the office found us some accommodation suitable for a family about 20mins out of town (south). We drove out here and it is cool, a four star hotel, beautiful big white soft beds, a swimming pool, and it's perched right up on top of a big hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea - wow!

For the evening we drove to a place called Stigles (spl?) which is where a lot of young Barcelonan families go to, it is right on the Mediterranean and has heaps of really neat little shops and restaurants in little narrow cobblestone streets - it has a fantastic atmosphere. This would be a neat place to come for a Spanish summer holiday. We found a place to eat rotisserie chicken, Mark had half a rabbit, and we all really enjoyed our dinner - a completely different time was had from our night before.

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