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Basma Hotel Exterior (STOCK PHOTO)

Basma Hotel Interior (STOCK PHOTO)

Aswan view from the Basama Hotel

Sailboats on the Nile from the Basma

We arrived at about 8:00 am and were met by a man from the tour office. I think that he was also named Mohammed. He got our luggage collected and the tour van loaded with the three of us. I know that I forgot to mention that Paul, a man from NYC, was now a part of the company's tour. We arrived at the resort hotel - the Basma. It is owned by the tour operator. I knew this and it is one more thing that gave me peace of mind that I was dealing with a reliable company with some financial muscle. We checked in and the TV did not work. The cable was messed up. We would get this fixed. The view of the dam and the water was amazing.

We had two hours to bathe and get ready for a long car ride to the temple of Abul Simbel.

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