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Mississippi - High Water

Mississippi River


At this point in our trip, it is difficult to stay on track. We know we have to head home. We do not want to go.

We look at the map. The Mississippi River is directly east of us. We joke that we are trying to cross the river using every bridge. I do not think we have crossed in Savanna.

We see a detour sign. Oh, no. Detours make us nervous. This one is not too bad.

We cross the Mississippi River and are in Savanna, Illinois. We head south on the Great River Road. The road is not right next to the river but we get glimpses of the Mississippi here and there. It is a relaxing pace. The corn in Illinois is doing well.

In Davenport, we get on the interstate for the last fifty minutes. We are immediately in road construction. It is Sunday. No one is working but we travel single file through the cones nonetheless.

In spite of the route change, the detour and the road construction, we are in our campground by one-thirty. Tomorrow, we continue east. (Whether we like it or not!)

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