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Day 1 in Asia (well not counting Singapore, didn't get up to much there really although the cultural museum was good I think I prefer JB!) and already a suitable Culture shock!! Well not so much the culture as how people react towards me. Got here about 10.30am and spent quite a bit of the day walking around the city, actually a lot more to see and do here than I expected, glad I came although one day is enough! Anyway as I've been walking round I've lost count of the number of people who've beeped and waved at me, even the occasional person going out of there way to have a chat. Initially I wasn't sure whether to feel threatened or honoured, but as the day has progressed I think the latter is more appropriate! I have to say I have felt a bit like Ali G at times: "Is it because I is White?"! I'm guessin it is!!

I 'accidentally' found myself in Johar Zoo today and that was a bit of a weird experience. I felt a bit bad because all the animal were in SMALL cages but you did get a damnd good look! There was a small monkey chained to a post that you could go and pick up. I walked towards him for a look and he jumped up into my lap, quite a conflict there, was he really sweet or is it just cruel!

Anyway, it was from then people started actually talking to me. one of the zookeepers stopped his bike especially to have a conversation, then just after I left a Malaysian guy who was visiting 'home' from Melbourne asked if I was Australian so we had a chat and (the weird one)I just had a cup of tea with a Singaporian guy here for a few days!! Yep, people are friendly!! Maybe I'll get used to it!

My next move is to head to Borneo for a few days. Did a bit of humming and haaing about whether to go or not as I reckon you need at least 2 weeks there, I finally decided on just visiting Kuching, the Westernmost time. If I like it there maybe in one of my next trips I'll go back for a proper look.

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