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We left Spain on the 28 February heading north to cover the miles to northern France ready for our crossings back to the UK on the 9 March

First day we drove from Blanes in Spain to Carcassonne, France 152 miles stopping at an aire in Carcassone.

The next day we travelled 275 miles from Carcassone to the Parc Verger campground at Champagnac-la- Riveiere near Limoges. This campground had been setup originally for big boys like us and is a good spot to rest for a few days. It had recently been taken over by Franc and Lisa who are doing an excellent job and Franc made us feel very welcome. Although the sun was shining when we arrived the next few days saw heavy rain and cold temperatures. We did manage to get in a few walks but it did give us an opportunity for us to sort out a few things ready for our return.

On Saturday 5 March we headed north again to Brezolles. We had to close up in the wet and our journey of 293 miles was quite eventful. We saw and were slowed by three accidents within 10 miles of each other near Limoges. We drove through rain, hail stones, sleet and snow. We got concerned at one point that the snow was settling and wondered what it would be like further north. Fortunately we drove away from the bad weather and by the time we got to the aire in Bezolles the sun was shining but still cold. It had been a long day.

We got up next day to a heavy frost but the sun was shining. We travelled a further 135 miles to Le Treport about 100 miles south of Calais to stop for three nights. Our last stop in France on this trip. As part of the Pet Passport arrangements Daisy has to have tapeworm treatment and be checked over by a vet between 1 and 5 days before crossing back into the UK. We always organise this in Le Treport as there is a good vet there we have used several times.

We have experienced winter for the first time in the last week. Glad we had headed south. We had certainly enjoyed our winter particularly southern France but for the next month to two months it will be the usual round of family visits. appointments etc. Our plans for the summer are not clear yet so watch this space.

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