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Barb and I drove the 56 miles back west to Salem. Salem is the capital of Oregon. We had to make the visit because our Honda had a mechanical problem. The car stuck in "Park" when we disconnected it from the RV. Only after much fussing were we able to disengage the shifter and move the car from the middle of the street where we had to leave it while we parked our coach. That was a fun moment-anyway Honda Salem was great as they were able to repair it right away. So an hour and a half later we were back to normal. We then went to The Mission Mill Museum in Salem. It is a collection of buildings from the Methodist Parsonage of 1841 and the Jason Lee House of 1841. These are two of the oldest buildings in the Northwest. These preceded the large immigration from the famous Oregon Trail era of the mid 1800's when so many headed west to seek their fame and fortune. The Methodist ministry actually arrived years before by ship around the Cape from New York and Mass. They brought furnishings and many building supplies so they could teach the Indians the "modern ways". Ultimately that failed but a giant Mill was built in 1896 which processed wool into yarn and fabrics. That building was the first to harness water power for all its machinery. All the buildings tell the very nice history and are open to tour. We saw many fine examples of mid 1800's furnishings. It was a great day. Temps in Salem reached 102 and it was good to get back to the Detroit Reservoir in the mountains where the temp was a more tolerable 86. We had dinner in Salem at McGrath's Fish House-Halibut-was excellent.

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