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More Wind Farms

Wind Farms And Corn

Driving Through The Wind Farms

It is great sleeping weather. Checkout time is not until 2:00. We are in no hurry this morning. It is okay to be lazy once in a while.

When we head out of the park, my GPS does not turn on. I think the battery is dead. It shouldn’t be but . . .

I suddenly realize how dependent I have become on this machine. I can read a map but I am not sure how to get us out of town going in the right direction.

By the time we stop for gas the GPS decides to work. Maybe, it was feeling unappreciated.

We laugh at how resistant I was to getting our first GPS. “This is a lot of money! I can read a map.” Boy, how I have changed!

We are headed to Monticello, Iowa. About half-way, I realize that it is Friday and Father’s Day weekend. I call ahead. We get the last site at our next campground! It was a cancellation.

Once past Waterloo, I take us cross-country. We see lots of corn. I know John is beginning to wonder about this campground. Is there really a park out here in the middle of these farms?

We pass through Monticello. There it is! We see a large fishing lake and many campers. I admit that I am relieved.

Most of the campers here are seasonal. This is a large park and I have a feeling that it is going to be jumping this weekend.

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