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New friends from Double Eagle. Mike, Kathy and Tom

First of seven through Virgin River Canyon






Splat of bug for focus adjustment

Today was one of those special days when what you get is far greater than what you expect. Our plan was to stop by Double Eagle for some minor adjustment, say goodbye to our new friends there and head for Virgin, Utah and Zion National Park.

All of that happened, but we found a totally unexpected part of our drive. As the highway took us through Virgin River Canyon we were simply amazed at the mass, the power, the shapes and colors. The power that the canyon walls projected made us realize just how small and insignificant we are. It also showed once again the power of the creator.

Checked into a beautiful campground and Linda's personal chef refused to cook, so for a restaurant we searched. What we found was one of our unexpected jewels. A small Mexican restaurant in a tiny not in the least impressive building in whatever town is below Virgin. Great Mexican food and a very nice young man serving, cooking, hosting and whatever else is done in a restaurant. Forgot to take pictures so I guess we have to go back for that. Just so you can share the experience! We'll have to eat just to be polite.

Tomorrow was scheduled for our first Zion tour, but Linda's back is telling us that we may take a day of rest, and that's just fine with us.

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