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Purple shaded waves in the sand....

Sea turtle tracks in the sand

Galapagos penguin

Playful penguins

Cheeseplate (Cooper) & friend at Post Office Bay

Post Office Bay

Pelican on the boat (yep, that close!)

We arrived on Floreana Island where we went ashore onto the dark brown sand which is full of minerals and a green semiprecious stone called olivine which is similar looking to peridot. We were there mainly to see the flamingos and maybe some nesting sea turtles. The flamingos here are incredibly pink and only live in the middle of the island where a salt water lake has formed in the caldera of the extinct volcano. On the other side of the island, the sand is pure white and as fine as snow. Many giant tortoises lay their eggs on this beach and we could see the many tracks of these slow-moving giants.

The island is famous because in the 1930's it was colonized by a group of Germans (a woman and her 3 lovers). They didn't get along and mysteriously they all disappeared. It is not inhabited now.

On the other side of the Island is Post Office Bay which was our next stop before heading to Santa Cruz in the afternoon for a peaceful night's sleep in the bay! Not much to report other than the giant mail box that used to be frequented by passing ships who would take mail if it was going their direction. It is still possible to leave post, however as my parents demand quicker news, we gave it a miss!

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