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The 2 km walk to the glacier face

Sarah all kitted-out

The rocks deposited by the glacier are known as "moraine"

The waterfall marks the fault line that runs through New Zealand

Crampons on and off we go

Time for a quick rest half way up the glacier

At last an outfit that matches the beard

Ice cravass - the ice turns blue due to light refraction

Ice cave !

To cope with the conditions Sarah grows an extra arm from her...

We start our descent as other groups are still making their way...

It's always good to hold up the group for a photo

Sockface was looking forward to a hot shower too

It happened !! First thing we booked that has happened. Got kitted out regimental style in socks, boots, crampons, jackets, hats, gloves and ice axes. Then on a bus to the car park 2km from the base of the glacier, the "terminal face". At the base we put on our crampons and then proceeded to walk 5km up the glacier up ice steps, over and through cravasses, ladder bridges and ice caves. It was great fun despite the rain showers (which meant we couldn't get many photos). After a few hours we headed back down the glacier and decided that we needed a hot shower so we paid to camp in a proper site, complete with outdoor spa baths. Ice solid.

Funny thing happened on the way down the glacier. A man asked us if the water from the glacier was safe to drink. Sarah said I wouldn't if I were you as I just had a wee on the glacier. The man was Daniel Beddingfield. I gotta get through this.

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