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the streets of phi phi, no cars here!

the leathal buckets!

james on a phi phi beach

this is 'the beach' off the film

together in Maya bay

bamboo island, a snorkellers paradise

things dont get much better than this!!!

messing about in the water

our taxi to the beach, a drive yourself option!!

on monkey beach, even took a banana for the residents but they...

Hello everyone

We finally dragged our bums away from Koh Lanta and fully rested we caught the boat to Koh Phi Phi. Its two small islands just off the coast thats famous from the film the beach. You know that pefect paradise everyone is looking for!

The island is also expensive and has many resort style accomodation but with some good hunting we found a nice clean cheep room and settled in to island life. One side of the island was wiped out by the tsusami and the rebuilding is evident everywhere.

We went on a snorkeling trip Sunday and visited some great sites. We snorkelled in Maya bay "the beach" and it is as beautiful as it looks on the film! We also went to Bamboo island which was like a paradise and we saw loads of tropical fish. The water was crystal clear and we even got to do a bit of Kayaking.

That night we went out for a few and got watching the man u match on tv. We decided to try our first bucket! This is a small bucket (like the ones you use to build a sand castle!) and its filled with ice, a small bottle of spirit, a red bull and a coke and is available all over Thailand.

6 of these later and we were pretty drunk! James could only just walk, which makes a change from it being me. He managed to knock the entire contents of one bucket into my lap, then pile into a table and send a few glasses smashing to the floor! ooopppppsss!

It was definatly home time then so off we went. We made it home safe and sound and crashed out on the bed. The next morning James awoke in unfamilliar surroundings, sat on the toilet after trying to go for a No. 2! We think anyway, he cant remember going to the toilet in the first place! lol! To cut a long story short its safe to say that these buckets are leathal!!!

We would have taken pics of the night but we are struggeling for night photos at the minute because the flash bulb has blown and the only place where we can get a replacement Bangkok!

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