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Hoi An is a lovely little old town that is another World Heritage site - Vietnam is full of them! Lots of quaint little streets, mainly full of tailor shops - the reason it is most famous. So we basically spent 4 days here shopping, shopping & more shopping!

I had heard of all the tailors here beforehand and how cheap it was to get clothes made, so I'd planned on getting maybe 1 suit made....but ended up going a little crazy...suits, boots, trousers, dresses, coats etc etc plus a few souvenirs and the box somehow ended up adding to 15kg & cost a small fortune to post...ooops...i just hope it arrives safe! So i bought a lot BUT i can justify it by the fact that all that stuff would be 10 times more expensive at home - at least! And was all custom made, fits perfectly & hopefully is good quality......

Was a fun few days though, choosing all your clothes from catalogues and basically designing them yourself - all you girls at home would be in heaven! But buying all the work clothes and winter coats really hit me that i really am going home soon and back to work - do not know how am going to cope working 5 days a week again :o( and was so strange trying on winter coats as at this point cannot ever imagine ever being cold again to need to wear this sure that will change the minute i step off the plane though!

So each day was basically spent choosing clothes in several shops, going back for numerous fittings, haggling prices , trying to stop each other from buying anymore (never worked!), walking the streets for miles and miles, and each night trying to work out how much we'd spent and that we couldn't possibly buy anymore...but of course we would! Definitely a bad influence on each other and thought we might never get away!! I blame Marleen for everything!!!

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