2018 Winter travel blog

Well we are back to Camping World today because the satellite does not work. Spend most of the day there because it needs a part and guess what, they don’t have it. All they have is an entire satellite system but it is a newer version and can’t steal parts off it for ours. Since I bought the extended warranty thank goodness it will not cost me to fix it. They got ahold of the factory and they didn’t have the part, but would have to make a new one which will be 3 days to make it and then ship it. After many phone calls between Gail the service writer and the warranty company we were getting nowhere. She said she would keep working on it so we returned to the campground. She called us around 5:00 pm and said the warranty company approved for Camping World to replace the entire satellite system with the one they have in stock. The good part of this is we will have the latest and greatest, I hope. We now have a Friday morning appointment to have it installed.

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