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At work at Alex Beach Cabin and Tourist Park

Wendy and Sheena man the office

Out for dinner the night before we leave

Gaye and Wendy

Kim, Peter and Ken

Trish, Lola and Margaret

One of the cute bridges in not long after NSW border

Byron Beach beach

Byron Bay with lighthouse in background

Byron Bay lighthouse

The lighthouse keepers house

View of the back beach from the lighthouse hill

Ken looks out for whales



The sign says it all

This is where the people with money live

Going for a drive in the afternoon

What a beautiful drive


And absolutely stunning countryside

Lennox Heads

Lennox Heads

What a fantastic feeling – to finally drive out of the driveway of the caravan park for the very last time. Whilst we were very glad to have been given the opportunity to work there and we met and worked with some lovely people who will be greatly missed, we also felt as though we had been there too long. There were a few dramas before we left (nothing to do with us) but they only added to the relief that we no longer had to work there.

We arrived on the Sunshine Coast at the beginning of October 2009 and left towards the end of September 2010 - approximately 12 months that we have lived on the Sunshine Coast. I have always wanted to live somewhere other than Perth so I am really glad to have achieved that but we have also been itching to be back on the road again for such a long time. But, as they say, good things come to those who wait, and at about 1.00 pm yesterday we waved good-bye to everyone and headed out of town. It almost feels like starting our trip all over again.

The drive down as far as the New South Wales border was pretty boring as it was just motorways all the way, but not long after the border it all changed and I felt as if I could breathe properly again. The countryside was so beautiful – gentle green hills, pasturelands and the cutest road tunnels and bridges. My spirit just lifted the further we drove. We arrived in Byron Bay just after 4.00 pm and it then took us about 2 hours before we were properly settled – we are so out of practice! Baked beans for dinner and then snuggled down into our bed and enjoyed the best nights sleep.

Woke up this morning feeling so happy and ready to go exploring. Headed into town first of all and did a little bit of browsing – such a great place to browse. We were very good and didn’t buy anything (yet!). Found the tourist bureau and I was in the process of collecting maps and info on the local area when someone mentioned a special they currently had on a whale-watching trip. I pleaded and batted my eyelashes and Ken finally gave in (he never can resist!!) and we are now booked on a trip tomorrow morning – so excited!

Then drove up to the lighthouse and stood at the eastern most point of Australia watching whales frolicking in the water below us. Only served to make me more excited about tomorrow!! After having a good look around here we decided to head down to Ballina – a bigger town about 30kms south. We were using our Tom Tom (GPS) and it directed us off on some side ride away from the main road. It was so very obviously not the direct route to Ballina but we decided to go with Tommy and see where he led us. And that was through the most beautiful countryside – it was just so green and so gorgeous I now want to come into money so I can buy a house there and set up my little B&B! We eventually ended up back on the Highway. I have no idea why Tommy took us that way – it made no sense at all especially as I had updated the maps only 3 days ago – but I am so glad he did or we would never had gone that way.

Finally ended up in Ballina – bigger town but without the character of Byron. After having a quick look around town we found another tourist bureau, collected up maps, which, showed us how to travel the road we had originally intended back along the coast, through Lennox Heads and back to Bryon.

A really lovely day with the excitement of tomorrow to come.

Had a few phone calls today from Shaun who has been looking up caravan parks for us in Melbourne and have forwarded the links through to Brittany who is going to check them out for us on the weekend so even more good times to follow. SO HAPPY!!

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