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We decided to go rafting on the Rio Grande River in Big Bend National Park, we booked not knowing if we were going in rafts or canoe's, I was praying for rain that night to keep the water level up as I did not fancy Canoeing with Wal!!!!!

We probably would have ended up in the river.

My prayers were answered and we went in rafts. We were up early to get the transport to where they put the rafts in. We stopped of on the way treading on Mexican soil, we hiked a bit into Mexico, we were allowed to do this as long as we did not go further than 15 mlies and did not buy anything of the Mexicans. This is where we saw the centipede it was about 5" long, there were loads of them there.

We saw loads of Turtles sitting on the rocks as we floated down the river.

Our guide told us about the wildlife,plantlife,geology and history as we were in the raft.

We stopped again for picnic lunch supplied by them, you could also go swimming while we were stopped, the river looks dirty but it is caused by heavy rain and the sand and silt in the river.

The camera came too, but every time we approached the rapids it had to go into a dry bag, the rapids were quite tame compared with what we have seen.

A very hot day but was lovely to sit back and float down the river.

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