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The Anzac Bridge, from Glebe Point. Ugly, concrete, but kinda cool ;-)

Tough guy on a night out. Or Not.

Coogee and the Bali bombing memorial.

Bronte and Bondi beaches

A parakeet on the ledge near Coogee. How cool is that?

Same parakeet - almost playing up to the camera!

The parakeet takes off, with Coogee in the distance.

Dave and Kerrin at the Bali Monument at Coogee

The floor memorial to the victims of The Bali bombings, Coogee.

Coogee beach, late in the day.


For now the party of Christmas and New Year is over and now it's time to get some work done and raise some money! We've both been working really hard over the last week and trying to save lots of money, getting ready for the next leg of the trip.

Travelling can get very tiring!

Our UK bank accounts are now enjoying a well earned rest as we begin to dip into our snazzy Aussie bank account.

Helen is still working at "Portugal Madeira Club", which is in Marrickville (about 5 miles from the city centre). Her responsibilities have increased, but as it's full of Portuguese people (as you'd only expect!) it's difficult to understand what they are all wittering on about. She's now also helping the management in the office, helping with orders and answering phones etc! It's good fun, but a little quiet at times! The money's good though so keep it coming!

Gareth is still at Manpower and is really enjoying it! He was asked to come back and do some extra work in the new year and the office is impressed with his excel skills, thus adopting the nickname 'excel-master'. (Which is surely better than warrant-master, for those in the know!!).

Note to Gareth's old friends in Exeter: You never really realise how advanced we all became at Excel until you get to use it somewhere else - you'll find collegues shocked and amazed when you pull off simple tasks like a =left or a vlookup! It's great!

Things are going really well and Gareth has now progressed onto a different project. It looks like he's secured work for a while to come, which is great. Manpower is really good - I never thought that I'd be a recruitment consultant! I may well give it a go when I get home!

Between us we're managing to pull in about 400 quid a week, which is mostly getting saved for our future legs of our trip. We were only saying the other day that Sydney really feels like home now. After moving on for 4 months, spending 6 weeks here has been bliss! We're really getting to know the area and enjoy it loads. There's so much to do and we've met so many great people.

Big hello to (ex) Manpower Chris, who yesterday (quite heroically) decided to pack Sydney in and head down to Melbourne. Chris really grabbed the spirit of being a backpacker by the neck, gave up his job and his home and headed off into the unknown. Fair play mate! Good luck down there, you lucky bugger!

Chris - we'll see you in the UK sometime, next to Big Ben!

And hello to (ex) Manpower Anthea - who also left for the hills. Nice.

You meet so many people that there's goodbye parties about twice a week - it's great!

So for now Sydney is our home - and it's a great place so bring it on! Up coming events include:

The outdoor cinema at The Domain,

Sydney Festival '05

Australia Day

Lots of other exciting events!!


Last weekend was spent wandering around and expanding our knowledge of the area. Saturday we were in Glebe walking around, checking out the market and Glebe Point. On Sunday we headed over to Coogee with Dave and Kerrin, also taking a walk over to Clovelly to that cracking pub that overlooks the beach there.


Oh yeah -

Also met up with Helen's school friend Kerry Blewett last night. As it was Manpower Chris's leaving party we invited her along and we all had a great time. We ended up in the World Bar in Kings Cross (note: very much the same as the World Bar in Queenstown, NZ, even with the cocktail teapots, just way more expensive), which was great. Kerry told us about her travels and where she's heading next. We plan to meet next weekend, although she's heading back to the UK in 11 days. She says she's looking forward to pasties and going to the Barn Club. We all joked about Cornish slang, which seemed a world away. The biggest giggles came from the cornish phrase for "Excuse me, I don't understand - could you repeat that please?", which is:


Good stuff!

This weekend coming:

We may well venture down to Woollongong (about 50 miles south on the coast) this weekend - we'll have to see!

Anyway folks, have fun! Stay in touch! Comments and messages to our online 'message board' please!

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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