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view from Massei Point



Chiricahua National Monument is also called the "Wonderland of Rocks." After visiting today I can understand why that is. The road to the top is very narrow at times and winding constantly. Fortunately for me there were hardly any other visitors so I pretty much had the road to myself.

According to the guide book, the area encompasses 11,985 acres that the Chiricahua Apaches (under Cochise) once controlled. When Cochise died Geronimo tried his best to regain control but to no avail.

Many of the truly amazing rocks such as Big Balance Rock (which weighs 1000 tons and rests on a base 4 feet thick) was not accessible to me because I no longer do 7 mile hikes. A pity I didn't get here when I was younger!

Tons of wildlife exist in this shady forest . Saw a small deer in a thicket and it was a beautiful sight. There are coatimundis, javelinas, and lots of Mexican chickadees.

I really enjoyed looking at these "gigantic, erosion-sculpted monoliths of volcanic ash."

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