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Back In Iowa

Route 9

Farms and Wind Farms

Farms and Wind Farms

Center Lake


Fishing Pier at Campground

We leave Mitchell. We take the interstate to Sioux Falls, SD. We need a Best Buy stop. Yes, I did say Best Buy.

Our tenant’s refrigerator quit. We want to handle the order in person. We are buying a refrigerator in South Dakota for New Jersey. We get it worked out. It is a good stop.

We look at the map. It is time to get off the interstate. We choose Route 9. It is better to look at corn fields than the backs of trucks.

We pass through a huge wind farm. They are all turning.

We arrive at Spirit Lake in the early afternoon. “I guess you are glad you weren’t here last night. We had sixty mile per hour winds and two inches of rain.” Yep, glad we missed that.

This area is called the “Great Lakes of Iowa.” It looks like it gets pretty busy on weekends and in the summer. Most of the sites in this park are seasonal. We are just passing through.

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