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Welcome to my little kitchen

Cairns in Chateau Chaparral

Watching Rafters from the Bridge

Bridge in the Evening

Moroccan Bowl at House Rock Kitchen

Trails in Browns Canyon NM

Twin Lakes in mid-September

Can You See the Praying Angel?

Hiking the Colorado Trail Near Browns Falls

Chateau Chaparral with Mount Princeton in Background

On the move, in more ways than one. In early July I was taking a break from keeping my house clean (selling is a pain in the butt), just killing time Googling campgrounds in the Buena Vista area in anticipation of next summer, when up popped a place called Chateau Chaparral. Hmmmmm, right on the Arkansas River. Wow, a private footbridge that leads into Browns Canyon National Monument with beautiful trails. Whoa, you actually can own the lot! I had to check this out. Long story short, on August 8 I became the proud owner of a 328 square foot 1977 trailer on a 1,424 SF lot and starting moving a few things up river. I closed on my house and moved the last of my downsized possessions on August 22.

Since then it has been a whirlwind of activity, because like her "vintage" owner, my little chateau has some hidden flaws, like not being able to get hot enough, a saggy spot or two, and an unexpected leak. We are perfect for each other.

I love living in the mountains! The motto in Chaffee County is "Now This Is Colorado!" and I have to agree. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, there is so much to do in this area that I kind of hate to leave. Besides hiking there's Mount Princeton Hot Springs, thrifting in Salida, tennis in Buena Vista, driving to Twin Lakes to look at changing aspens, rockhounding. But the road is calling, so I am packing up Wanda and we will leave in two days. My next door neighbor is going to help me winterize the chateau tomorrow. He leaves for Mexico in two weeks but luckily there are a lot of people who stay here year round who can keep an eye on things.

Apparently last winter was very dry here in the "Banana Belt", but you never know about the mountains so when I return in March or April, it might still be snowy and cold. That is okay with me because the Collegiate Peaks will be even more beautiful with snow on top. Sigh, life is good!

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