The Siletz River runs a twisty circuit of about 50 miles to empty into the Pacific. Tidal flows of the Pacific can run up to 24 miles upstream. We chose the Siletz for our kayak trip today because of its remote beauty and lack of people. The Siletz River feeds the Siletz estuary and its mouth lies just south of Lincoln City, Oregon. We drove 14 miles up the river to launch. We paddled a remote loop section of the river. The water was clear and pristine and one could easily see the bottom. This was a good thing for at low tide many of the rocks lie close to the surface and create eddies and rapids which must be negotiated. Since we traveled upstream against the river's current we had to paddle furiously on the rapids (shallow areas where the water rushes) to make it through and enter the calmer waters beyond. Failure to do so finds the boat moving backwards or, even worse, in a broadside slide towards trees or rocks. Neither of these is a good consequence. We encountered about 5 such rapids on the upriver trip. The river bank was lush, remote and beautiful. We spotted two deer on the bank. We heard and saw several beautiful song birds. We stopped on a sandbar and had a snack. Nancy found a unique piece of driftwood that resembled a fish-Bill had nearly purchased a much inferior one in a local art gallery. Now he had his own free one! We noted that the river was much more navigable this year and carried much more water. Salmon and steel head are known to run this river and I saw a large one cross just in front of my kayak. He was about two feet long. The water in the calm areas was so still it was like a perfect mirror and created illusions in size at its edges. Swarms of aquatic insects filled areas near the bushes and provided ample food for the birds. On the way back, it was much easier since the current carried our craft with only light paddling effort. We reminisced that on this very river last year Bill had broken his rudder and had to return to port by paddle navigation amidst many **!! Expletives. We paddled a good seven miles today. We made it back to the launch and headed toward our meal at Tidal Rave. This was a delightful sea shanty overlooking the Pacific at Depoe Bay. It was most scenic and excellent. Bill had Razor clam steaks; I had Wild Salmon, and clam chowder. Barb and Nancy had grilled Romaine lettuce with wild salmon and blue cheese dressing.Each couple shared a marionberry cobbler. We agreed it was the best we had ever tasted.

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