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Mum outside Sunshine Castle in Bli Bli

Mum and Laurie inside the Castle grounds

Bring on the food say Mum and Laurie

View from the top of the castle

Me and my mum - out for dinner

Ken and Mum out to enjoy a seafood tower for dinner

Laurie, Trisha and Mum ready to board the train to the Mary...

Part of the Mary river

Arrival at the train station - a very wet day as you...

Mum, Ken and Sheena at the Christmas cafe in Eumundi

Mum and Ken in Eumundi

Mum does a bit of shopping at the Eumundi markets

Time for a quick snack at the bakery

Sheena and Mum at the Big Pineapple

We watched these green tree frogs being fed live crickets!!

Mum with Glass House Mountains in the background

Laurie, Sheena and Mum at a cafe in Caloundra

Laurie, Mum and Ken in Caloundra

We all wave hello

Mum, Laurie and Ken taking it easy in Caloundra

Laurie, Mum and Sheena enjoy a cruise up the Pumiceston passage

Kings beach Caloundra

Laurie, Mum and Ken on our cruise

Mum enjoys the sun

Ken, Mum and Laurie enjoying the view from the boat

Heading up the canals

our lunch time stop

Our boat moored up at the jetty

Mmmm lunch time

Ken, Sheena, Laurie and Mum

Parliament house in Brisbane

Ken takes a wander in Brisbane

Old Government House in Brisbane

Inside old Government House

This lighthouse is the oldest building in Brisbane

The beautiful Roma street gardens in Brisbane

Roma street gardens

Roma street gardens

Roma street gardens

Buderim state forest

Buderim State forest

Buderim State Forest

We were there to welcome Jessica Watson back from her world sailing...

Ken waits for Jessica to appear

And there she is with a special wave just for us

This is one inspirational young lady

And this is her tiny vessel - Elle

Can you see I made sure I was wearing the colour of...

Ken outside the yacht club where the Elle is moored

Sheena, Trisha and Laurie about to board the train to Brisbane

Mudjimba beach - this is where our last house sit was

Ken walks Jake and Bear on the beach

Sheena, Trisha and Laurie at the Eumundi markets

Shaun with his son, Zak and his daughter, Amber

Paul and Shaun

Paul and Shaun

Shaun at work

Bear and Jake - the dogs we looked after for 3 months...

How cute is Jake

Ken walks Bear and Jake on the beach


Bear and Jake

My mother in law, Rita Cockman

My father in law, Jack, and my mother in law, Rita Cockman

Well our time on the Sunshine Coast is finally drawing to a close. We had not intended to stay as long as we did but the combination of earning quite low wages and a few unexpected expenses has meant it has taken longer to put some funds away that will enable us to hit the road again.

Being here for so long has given us the opportunity to see a lot of what the area has to offer, but, as is to be expected, there is much that we would have like to do and have not had the chance to. I would have to say the highlight for me was our trip to Fraser Island – an experience I will always remember.

There has been the opportunity to spend time with Laurie and the pleasure of being able to just drop in to visit her and spend ‘sister’ time together. It is funny too because after 10 years of living in Queensland they have now packed up house and are moving back to Perth to live so they will be there when we eventually go back.

There been the chance to get to know my aunt Trisha a bit better and to have time with her, her husband Peter and my cousin Anthony.

There was our weekend with Ashley and the fun of exploring parts of Brisbane with her.

There was a fabulous week in Canberra and the pleasure of sharing Christmas with James, Kristy and Brendan.

There was the lovely visit from Paul and Loretto and the fun we had with them.

There was the lovely visit from Mum – frustrating because we could not spend as much time as we would have liked to with her but relishing what time we did have.

There was the wonderful visit from Jackie and the opportunity to bask in her company and to celebrate her win over the dreaded cancer.

There has been the excitement of getting to know my new brother Shaun. This is a slow ongoing process due to the distance (he is in Melbourne) and finding the time to be able to talk and the cost of phoning. I am looking forward to spending time with him once we arrive in Melbourne and meeting him face to face.

There has been the sadness at the passing of my mother–in law and the difficulty of being so far away when it happened. There has been the worry of how Dad (my father in law) will now cope after the loss of her and his home.

There has been the pleasure of making new friends and knowing the sadness we will feel when the time comes to say goodbye.

And as always – there is the absolute pleasure to share all these experiences with each other.

Because I have not been too prolific with updating my blog I am going to put up a few more photos from our time here that have not already made their way up. I had not realised I had not put up the ones from Mum's visit here (I had put them on facebook but forgot to put them here) so many are from that lovely time.

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