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Willie and Blayde standing in front of Clyde parked in our spot...

They even have a place to wash your puppy at Sun-N-Fun RV...

Santa with pink flamingos instead of reindeer... only in Florida. Taken at...

Driving along highway 41 in downtown Sarasota, Florida. See the statue?

A better shot of the statue as we drove past.

Mary's Chapel at Historic Spanish Point, Osprey, Florida.

Pioneer Cemetery next to Mary's Chapel at Historic Spanish Point, Osprey, Florida.

Webb Packing House at Historic Spanish Point. This display taught me a...

They even had a Christmas tree in the packing house. Historic Spanish...

White Cottage at Historic Spanish Point. Originally built in 1884 by Jack...

The view from White Cottage looking out at Little Sarasota Bay.

Inside White Cottage.

A close up of the dishes in White Cottage.

The Christmas tree in the White Cottage Sun Room.

The Christmas tree on the White Cottage porch that overlooks Little Sarasota...

The meandering paths through Historic Spanish Point are made of crushed seashells.

Sunken Garden and Pergola at Historic Spanish Point.

The view as you walk up to the Guptill House (1901) at...

The front of the Guptill House (1901) at Historic Spanish Point.

Duchene Lawn and Classic Portal at Historic Spanish Point.

Mark at lunch.

Julia at lunch.

Mark on Siesta Key Beach in sunny Florida.

Babysitting our playful Blayde...

Blayde doesn't want his picture taken, he just wants to roll in...

Keith, Julia, and Marilyn.

Our drive down from Bushnell to Sarasota on the 26th was relaxing even though there were a lot of holiday travelers on the road. Upon arriving to Sarasota we checked into the Sun-N-Fun RV Resort and what a nice resort it is! After being escorted to a lovely site by the lake (with reminders not to feed the alligators) we quickly got Clyde plugged in and then set off to explore our surroundings. This resort, aside from being well manicured and clean, has dog runs (which Blayde appreciated), a lovely pool, Jacuzzis, an impressive computer room, an 18-hole mini golf course, tennis courts, shuffle board courts, lawn bowling, fitness centers… and more! I even avoided cooking for the evening as Willie took me to a romantic dinner by the swimming pool.

The next morning we were up early and over to Julia’s parent’s house in Nokomis to meet her parents – Keith and Marilyn. It is such a joy to meet the people responsible for raising our sweet Julia. Keith and Marilyn have been more than gracious and we are enjoying our time with them very much. As it turns out both Marilyn and I are Barry Manilow fans since high school so after Marilyn made us a lovely pot roast dinner she and I looked through her extensive CD collection… I still feel that flutter when Barry sings “Somewhere in the Night”. I am so glad that Julia’s parents are such nice people considering we are going to know them for a long time once our children wed!

This morning Will and I enjoyed some “separate time”. Although we love each other dearly it is good for us (since we are nearly always together) to have an occasional hour our two on our own. Marilyn had given us some guest passes to go to Historic Spanish Point in Osprey, Florida, but, as they won’t allow dogs, Willis decided to spend the morning with Blayde and allow me the time to myself to tour this lovely historic location.

Historic Spanish Point is 30 acres of nature trails with a rich history ranging from prehistoric (they have a wonderful archaeological exhibition showing the life of these early Floridians) up to 1980 when the Palmer family donated the site to the Gulf Coast Heritage Association. The gardens, buildings and displays were all interesting and it was the perfect day to walk the paths. I took lots of pictures and really enjoyed my morning of hiking and reflection.

After our solitary morning we met up with Mark and Julia for a BBQ lunch after which we drove over to Oscar Scherer State Park to check in and find our site for the next three nights. Although Sun-N-Fun was wonderful, this state park is much closer to the kids and more convenient for all involved.

Once checked into the state park we headed out to see Siesta Key Beach with Mark and Julia. Actually, we went to feel the beach more than see it! The sand at Siesta Key Beach is pure white and feels like talcum powder. According to the beach information this beach is 99% quartz which explains the soft white texture. It was amazing to walk barefoot in the sand… but we weren’t the only ones wanting to do this today… this was one of the most crowded beaches I have ever been to! Julia drove around and around the massive parking lot looking for a place for us to park before finally tucking into a distant parking spot.

Of course Blayde was not allowed on the beach, and it was way too hot to leave him in the car, so we took turns babysitting him on the grass at the entrance to the beach. He didn’t mind playing in the grass and neither did we. The grass was soft and cool and the people walking into and out of the beach seemed to appreciate his friendly greetings and returned his salutation with many a chuckle and a scratch behind his ears.

We ended our evening with a dinner at a “local’s hangout”, that no tourist would probably ever find, on a dock overlooking the water with Mark, Julia, Keith and Marilyn. After sharing some laughs and family stories we all went to our homes ready to rest and continue our adventures tomorrow.

Happy Travels, Rebecca

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