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LOTS of souveniers for sale

Le Claire's other attraction

Lousy, lousy, weather! Cold and rainy all the way to Le Claire - home of Antique Archeology. Have to say that I was a bit disappointed. Both buildings are really small and not filled with much product ( other than souveniers). I asked one of the clerks where was all the stuff that the guys buy when they are "picking". Surprisingly she said that Mike and Frank are on the road 2 1/2 weeks and then home for 2 weeks. The stuff they buy is split between the Iowa store and the Nashville store. They sell almost everything in the two weeks that they are off the road. Amazing!

Fun facts: This is the #1 tourist attraction in Iowa. Years ago it was probably Field of Dreams or Bridges of Madison County but they have been displaced. In July and August the store welcomes 500 to 1000 shoppers every Saturday and Sunday. Don't know where they put them!

Tomorrow I get to hold baby Ella again. Can't wait!

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