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Tucumcari to Grants

New Mexico home the Buttes

Wonder what cooks in this

A pointed butte with cactus

Several pointed ones by a long ridge

End of the long ridge

Approaching the Pink Bridge

Cancer Awareness

Another set of tourist signs

Tourist stop ahead

One sign after the other until we arrive

Oh boy, Guy Stuff

And Girl Stuff

Don't forget the Mexican imports

Finally, Flying C Ranch Tourist Stop

Pumpkins heading west for Halloween

Approaching the mountain range

Wow, a train full of Army equipment

So much equipment and supplies

The hills are getting greener

Going through the Sandia Mountains, east of Albuquerque

Aluminum Yucca in the Sandia Mtns.

Many layered interchange of Albuquerque

Cultural Center of Acoma People

Crossing the Rio Grande River

Hot Air Balloons depicted on the bridge

Large Buttes on the horizon

Lovely changing scenery

Many colors and shapes

Upheavals and points

Layers and Erosion

More mountains ahead

Traveling through small buttes

Oh Oh, dark weather ahead - again.

Lots of Basalt Lava in this area

A Crested Butte

Grants, NM Elks Lodge

Mural of the area in town

Historic Motel on Route 66

And another . . .

Historic Route 66 in Grants

Lots of vintage businesses

A historic composite of events in New Mexico

Stormy clouds make pretty skies

And then beautiful sunsets

Today's drive took us over the mountains past Albuquerque, gaining altitude (our bag of salad in the refrigerator looked like a balloon about to burst) on our way to Grants, NM.

There were some very interesting buttes along the way. Here is an explanation of Butes, mesas and plateaus.

We passed under a pink bridge dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. Saw more souvenir signs along this Route 66 highway. As we crossed through the pass in the Sandia Mountains overlooking Albuquerque, we saw the Albuquerque Aluminum Aloe sculpture.

We crossed through the Albuquerque layered interchange of interstates 40 and 25, painted in lovely pastels, and over the Rio Grande river. One of the bridges depicted the hot air balloons famous in Albuquerque, especially in October.

The ever-changing scenery was lovely until we encountered more dark weather ahead. We even passed by an area of black lava - basalt rock, before reaching Grants, NM.

We settled in for the night at the Bar S RV Park and went to lunch at the “WOW Diner”, a cute 50's diner, for some good food. We came back to pay for camping and Daisy got to meet the managers black & white male Shih Tzu. They socialized a while on the lawn. I did a load of wash before we headed off to the Grants Elks Lodge to get a pin. We had a nice conversation with the volunteer bartender, who works days as an elementary school counselor. We got to hear what the real people think about Common Core Teaching.

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