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The MH leaving Valdez without the car.

Spooky Mountain.

Two Mile Lake into Chitna.

Two Mile Lake with the road.

One Mile Lake into Chitna.

The city ahead.

Main street.

Local shopping.

Functioning hotel.

Wonder if it is a chain bar with the one in Heber.

One lane cut.

Through the slot.

The other side from Chitna. Confluence of the Chitna & Copper Rivers.

Down to the bridge.

Upstream on the Copper River. Dipnetters and thier campers.

Downstream on the Copper River with mountains.

Liberty Falls state campground.

Tourist on the bridge.

View of the Copper River from a rest area.

Mentasta mountain range.

Picture of the mountains while sitting in construction traffic.

Construction detour.

These flowers are along every highway..

Today we left Valdez. Today we drove! It was a long day of driving, we drove over 300 miles. Too sum it up - the distance from Valdez is 244 miles and we took a side trip that added over 60 miles.

It's a good climb out of Valdez so we did not hook up the car. We became a caravan of two. The bad part of the climb is that there is no shoulder. The guard rail in on the white line so if there in no way to stay in the right lane. We had very little traffic so it went smoothly. We drove to the turn-off to Chitna and found a little RV park and store where we parked the MH and took the car to check out the town of Chitna. It's pronounced CHIT-na.

The town was uneventfull. Just past the town is the "Dipnetting Capital of the World" along the Copper River. There were campers scattered everywhere, even on the river banks. The fishermen with their nets crossing the road kept us dodging the long poles. This isn't the height of the season. Can't imagine what it's like then.

We got back to the motorhome and hooked up. The drive from Tok Junction on the Glenn Highway had lots of construction. We had delays, had to follow pilot cars, followed water trucks and could only go about 25 miles an hour. That was for about 25 miles.

We are back to Sourdough campground in TOK. We were here a month ago when we first hit Alaska. We plan to head to Haines on a piece of the Alaskan Highway we have not traveled yet. It will probably be a 3 day trip. We have to go back into Canada and out again.

Haines will be interesting. We want to take a ferry to Juneau for a day trip, and to leave Haines we will be putting the motorhome on a ferry. That will be interesting.

We may not have phone or internet the next couple days. We will update as soon as possible.

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