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Today we kayaked Hayden Island area which is the location of our Jantzen Beach RV Park. Hayden Island sits as an island in the Columbia River dividing Vancouver Washington from Portland,Oregon. In the early days before 1917, the Island provided ferry service between Portland and Vancouver. When the interstate bridge was built in 1917 the island became the location of a large amusement park and beaches. Today, the RV park occupies the area as well as several marinas. It is an excellent port area for pleasure boats.

One sees countless sailboats and yachts as well as many boating oriented condominiums. There are even two developments for houseboats. We kayaked around the east perimeter of the island. A total of about 8 miles. We made it a leisurely day so we could get some rest before our next destination in the mountains of Oregon. Sadly our days of fabulous seafood are drawing to a close. We had lunch at the Island Cafe-a delightful waterfront cafe near our launch site. We had Tuna Tacos and salad and enjoyed people watching.

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