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Today has been one of enforced rest. Of course I don't mind, but Nick is a bit restless. After the weather warnings we felt we felt we had no choice but to sit it out. Indeed the wind in the night was phenomenal, threatening to take the tent away with it were it not for the body ballast holding it down.

The rain was supposed to follow the wind. We've had a couple of quick showers, but nothing too bad, yet.

At last we had a decent night's sleep and a lie in (8.30). Nothing to hear except the stream just by the tent, and the wind.

We managed a wander around the town, and a trip to the supermarket for today's supplies. At least we are stranded in a town with a decent supermarket – albeit a distinct lack of lamb meat.

This afternoon we have been dossing in the 'TV lounge'. It does have a TV, but there's not been anything on it of any merit. So we've been reading, using the internet, route planning and so on.

Not sure if we'll be able to string this entertainment out for another 48 hours!

Well, wish us luck in the tent tonight!

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