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The beach looking down toward Garden City Pier

.. and looking up toward Surfside Beach

Bentley enjoying some beach time


White pelicans fly over

At our Global warming observation station ...


Huntington Beach State State Park, low tide on the Inlet side

Huntington Beach State Park, Inlet side

We’ve had some warm weather, but not sure what weather underground was...

Plants on our our balcony are enjoying the sunshine.

Bentley keeps a good eye out for any passing critters


An egret by the pond by our condo

Pretty big fish for our small pond (yes the pond just off...

An anhinga dries itself in the morning sun by the pond at...

A pair of mallards that frequents our pond taking a break to...

A look into the “preserve area” adjacent to the condo complex

Oh, and cool little lizards too! Bentley thinks he should play with...

There when needed!!!

Wonderful new table & chairs in place at the condo.

Out for dinner

Bubba’s was busy! But boy was the fish good!

Enjoying ourselves at the Texas Roadhouse catching up with our friends Ed...

As we started to write this post this morning (4/25/19), we wondered, "well now where has the last month gone? !!"

The weather has been very nice and we have taken advantage of it and made several trips to the beach. Bentley seems to enjoy his time on the beach as well.

He has gotten used to the bigger area to live in, and is very content to sit on the balcony keeping an eye on the geese, ducks, and turtles that are in the pond. (and other critters, dogs or people that mat go by)

Otherwise, we have kept busy doing some projects inside the condo and a couple small things on the motorhome. We have been able to catch up with some of our neighbor friends here in the condo complex as well.

But today was one of those days that will stick in our minds forever. (much like the close call with the tornado in MS). The fire alarms went off mid afternoon, and we were told it was burned food. Mmm, seemed like a lot of smoke for burned food, and it sure smelled bad! Well the burned food was how things started. Long story short, there was a kitchen fire in one of the condo's in our building, same floor as us, but down on the other end of the building. The sprinkler system did it's job. One major disaster averted, but certainly a disaster for the family that owns it and had come down to enjoy the memorial day weekend. 3 engines, 2 tower trucks and two ambulances arrived along with many firemen and firewomen. In mid 90 degree weather, they suited up, put on their air tanks, and made sure the disaster was over and that we were safe. For many years I was part of the crew that sent firemen and firewomen to scenes like this one, and scenes that were way worse than this one. I was amazed to see what went on on the "other end of the radio" with the fire and ems crews as they pulled up on scene and went to work.

We have much to be thankful for. A special thanks to all those serving our communities across this country and helping us in times when things go wrong.

Being Memorial Day weekend, we also want to express our gratitude to all those who have served and are serving our country!

Take care, stay healthy and be safe

2-ole-buddies + Bentley

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