We drove about 10 miles northeast to the small town of Toledo,Oregon. We launched near the airport-a one lane runway for the likes of Piper Cubs. The Yaquina River flows into the giant Yaquina Bay and Port where we are staying. There is a strong tidal flow and the depth changes about 3 feet. The tide was just starting to flow in.It was low tide and there were many exposed mud and sand bars. The paddle was about six miles round trip and a lot more energetic on the return against the tidal flow. The scenery was of an old industrial small town in the heartland of Oregon. The town was founded in 1866 by a John Graham who hailed from Toledo,Ohio-hence the name. Early on it was important for lumbering It was a sawmill for old growth sitka spruce used in the fabrication of early air force planes.Today a large Boise Cascade paper plant is located on the banks of the river. Also evident was a marine service center for large professional fishing boats. We enjoyed the shore scenery and the beautiful sunny weather without wind. We did not see much wildlife except a few heron and an Osprey. There were also some small shore birds. A small railroad museum is also a point of interest. We had lunch at the Chowder Bowl. This was a little restaurant in the beach town of Nye famous for its clam chowder-it was very good along with our grilled albacore tuna sandwiches. A fun and more restful day with even a visit to Wal-Mart!!

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