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Penang as seen from the ferry

On the ferry, im not asleep really!

catching up with Martin

Penang street

outside the snake temple

holding the python with the pit vipers on our heads!

a horned pit viper

shes a big un!!

but a good un!!

a spitting cobra, this one is behind glass thank goodness, she spat...

After we left the island, we all journied up to Kota Bharu to catch different night buses to our next destinations, but unfortuantly for us both of our buses were full and we all had to overnight it in kota Bharu until the morning. It was great really as it gave us a chance to have a farewell meal, which we had in style in Pizza hut!

The next morning we said our goodbyes and Leanne and Mat went off to Kuala Lumpur and we took the bus to the west coast to another, but very different island called Penang.

Penang is quite large and extremly developed, the main town Georgetown, was founded by the Brits who came looking for a place to start a port. The have places named Fort Cornwallis, which I found quite cool and also a street called Kimberley st (for those that don't know that is my sister's name and the same spelling!) which I thought was great!!!

We arrived via the ferry and headed straight to the backpacker section of the town, we looked at a few hostels and decided on a great one. But low and behold would you believe that later that day we realised Martin (the guy we had left in Tanam Negara) was already staying there and was 2 rooms away! Of all the hostels in all the town!!!!

It was great though, we went out that night and had a few and got reaquanited.

The next day we didnt do anything coz we were abit head sore and I have developed a cold! Can you believe that in a tropical country and I am sniffelling with mi tissues!!!

Today we have been out and about. We caught the bus down the coast of the island to a place called snake temple. It is supposed to be home to many snakes, including poisonous pit vipers but they are all subdued due to all the insense sticks burning within the temple.

Anyway when we got there, there were alot of snakes including the pit vipers but they were more like a tourist gimick, ie you could hold them for 2 quid. We had to do it of course, we stood together and held a reticulated pythom and they put the pit vipers on our heads! James even got to hold the poisonous pit vipers, he loved it!

They also had a snake farm round the back so for 50p we went in there too!

It was great, they had loads of snakes in tanks, then they had a huge 7.2m reticulated python in a massive cage in the middle. I went over to look at it and was trying to touch it through the bars. The guy came over and said 'do you like her' i said yes she was so beautiful so with that he opened up the cage and told me to get in!!!!

No messing I was in like a shot, I held her head and she weighed a tone, the strenght in her muscles was amazing, its easy now to understand how they can so easily kill cows and stuff!!!

James went in after me, it was so cool, its not everyday you get to hold a huge snake like that. The reticulated python is the longest snake in the world, and this one ate 5-6 chickens evry 10 days, glad we didn't smell like on thats for sure!

After that we got to see some more snakes, then we came across a guy with a box and a big skull and cross bones on it!!!! Inside there was a king cobra and it was not happy! He opened the lid and it was straight up into the classic cobra position with its neck flaring out, the guy waved his leg infront of it and it went to strike. It was so fast, it was scary! The guy had been bite before on the arm and it had put him in a coma for 5 days! They had to cut away alot of dead tissue from his arm and the scars were pretty spectacular! He did not blame the snake though and says he loves working with them every day!

Anyway we are planning to go on a funicular train tomorrow, up Penang hill. If anyone knows what the heck funicular means we would love to know but Im sure we will find out tomoz!

Take care all

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