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Arc de Triomphe

Golden temple - Laos National Symbol

tuk tuks


riverside dining

Mike & his sticky rice obsession

last night in Laos




Next stop, Vientiane - the very quiet and peaceful capital city of Laos! It's quite a pretty city set on the Mekong river with some pretty spectacular sights. Never expected Laos to have so much culture actually (or such a big French influence, which brings with it lots of French tourists...good for the croissants, baguettes and coffee though!)

Said goodbye to the Irish boys here as they were going back to Bangkok, so just hanging out here for couple days with Mike waiting for my Vietnam visa to come through - bit of sight seeing, lots of eating, drinking & shopping! Managed to get a new camera AT LAST after dropping mine in Pai & it falling apart - definitely an expensive i didn't need, gutted! :o(

So am leaving Laos tomorrow after a whistle-stop visit. Not spent nearly enough time here but really want to get to Vietnam and hopefully will be back to see the south of the country after Cambodia...running out of time and money now - bane of every traveller's life!

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