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Had a fab time in Tazmania, one of my favourite places in Oz - probably because it was cold and raining most of the time! We had a pretty packed 5 days in the campervan and saw plenty wildlife as well as fab scenery.

We arrive around luch time and headed South for Port Arthur, where the convicts were isolated back in those days. Nice sunny day so got some good views. Then we headed up the East Coast and stayed in a caravan part just South of Coles Bay. A bit of walking and looking around one of the National parks on day 2 then further North. Day 3 was really wet and rainy but we decided to head along the North Coast to Stanley in the hope it might dry up - no such luck!! The main aim of the Journey was to climb a big rock called 'the Nut'. We'd drive quite a few KMs out of the way and being determined not to waste the drive we went up in spite of the fact it was absolutely p*ssing down!! It was a 15 min walk up a slope of about 90 degrees (or close to it!), then a 5 minute stroll to the viewing point. I thought the walk up was quite challenging until I trying to walk back down - the challenge being to walk and not slide the whole way! Anyway by the end of it I was completely soaked and clothes had to be dried at the next campsite! Not sure it was worth it for the view - you can decide yourself when I get the pics on line!

After that we drove down to Cradle Mountain. Couldn't see any of it at that point so decided to save the long walk til the next morning in the hope of better weather and we were actually lucky to get a relatively clear day. Mostly driving after that, South via Queenstown to Lake St Clair and stayed in Derwent Bridge. Another walk on day 5 by lake St Clair, saw lots of wallabies which was really cool. Then headed into Mt field National park and saw an Amazing waterfall - absolutely tumbling down after the heavy rain the night before. On the way to Hobart we popped into a wildlife rehabilatation centre where I saw my first Tazmanian Devil! Apparently there's a disease wiping them out at the moment - 85% of those in the wild gone already so they may not be around much longer! They also let us stroke a baby Wombat - they are by far the cutest animals I've seen - I want to take one home!

So that was Taz, one last night in Hobart then off to Sydney

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