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Matanuska River viewpoint.

Matanuska river

Gophie helping navigate. Road had little to no shoulders.

Chickaloon River

Bonnie Lake.

The winding hillside road ahead.

Mantanuska River, King Mountain in the background.

Mantanuska River

Roadside scenery

Glaciers in the distance.

Scenery is changing.

Charming cabin in the valley.

Caribou Creek

Matanuska Glacer

Chugach Mountains


Climbing switchbacks

Matanuska Glacier heads in the Chugach Mts and northwest 27 miles.

Paneramic view of Wrangell Mountains.

Our scenic drive.

Tonsina River which rises to Tonsina Lake in the southwest

Tonsina River




Picture perfect

Worthington Glacier

Massive Worthington Glacier.

Our highway view of the Glacier

Dropping into Valdez

Bridal Vail Falls....It was awesome! 3 or 4 hundred foot drop.

Falls dropping into the river.

Dropping down into Valdez

About 10 miles to Valdez

Solomon Gultch Falls

Solomon Gultch Falls

Solomon Gultch Falls with tourist.

Long day.... we drove 240 miles to Valdez. When we left this morning we thought maybe we would just go as far as Glennallen.

The road to Glennallen had a 25 mile stretch that was narrow winding with no passing lanes and very few turnouts. There was also some construction and lots of heaves or 'whoopie doo's'. The road got wider with truck and passing lanes but still had the heaves to watch out for. The scenery was great when you had time to watch.

We stopped at the Caribou Hotel/Cafe for lunch and decided to put a few more miles on the road and ended up in Valdez.

To sum up the drive to Valdez... the scenery was what we thought Alaska would be like. We have seen lots of beautiful country here. This drive was worth the whole trip. It is hard to show you in pictures and even in words. We must have said "WOW" a hundred times today.

We drove into town and the RV parks were very crowded and tight so we went out of town a couple miles and are staying at Valdez Glacier park. We are in the woods and have electric. Right now we are planning on a couple days here. We will decide for sure once we start checking out Valdez.

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