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The Great House

Portion of the Great House





What a learning trip the Casa Grande Ruins were! They are located in Coolidge, AZ and date back to the 1200's. The main structure was covered in the 1930's and it was designated as a National Monuent to keep people from ravaging the ruins. It was inhabited by the Hohokam culture who were farmers and gatherers. Still visable in some areas are the irrigation canals they dug way back then to irrigate their crops. THe "Great House" which is the covered structure had holes in different places to track the sun and moon's movement which is how their told time and kept track of the months. While they left no markings that told their story, they assume the Great House was used for meetings and gatherings while the smaller structures was where the families lived. For some unknown reason, the Hohokam ceased to exist in the 1400's, long before the white man came to the area. Speculation is that they were either desimated by dease or a long drought. In the photos we have attached there are many of the artifacts that have been found in the ruins which help tell the story of these people who mysteriously disappeared from the face of the earth.

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